seeing red 37






10 thoughts on “seeing red 37

  1. Linda Grashoff

    My admiration for your car work was reinforced yesterday when I tried to photograph a gorgeously renovated antique car on Oberlin’s Main Street yesterday. Hm. Not sure it will appear on my blog.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Linda. I’ve tried to isolate portions of the cars because they are difficult to shoot the entire car because they’re too close together. Also, in my opinion, some cars look better in the detail shots than the shots showing the entire car. It’s just a personal viewpoint but I think you know what I mean. Your beautiful photographs of the walls and dumpsters are very much the same.

      1. Linda Grashoff

        I have to say, I wouldn’t be interested at all in a photograph of a whole car. Yes, I certainly know what you mean. Maybe I will post my attempts, so you can see what I tried. (Actually, I like one of the photos I took, but it looks nothing like the ones you usually take.)

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