feeling hot hot hot?



Not so long ago…





13 thoughts on “feeling hot hot hot?

  1. Anita Jesse

    “Yeah, but you don’t have to shovel heat,” was the reply when I asked a lady if she was glad she had retired to Arizona from Minnesota.
    You beautully captured these winter scenes and I agree that’s it’s not so far off. We have had an unusually hot summer, but I’m still not looking forward to winter. Love it for the first week or two, and then I am over it.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, AJ. Winter is a beautiful time to shoot but it can be challenging. When I left Minnesota I could have gone anywhere, but I choose Webster. Not just because I have some family here but because I like it here. We don’t get hurricanes or tornados, wildfires, tsunami or earthquakes. So we get blizzards and you have to dress warmly in the winter. It’s really not a big deal. I like doing indoor projects in the winter and I actually look forward to them. We also have 40 real seasons here. I’ll also mention we have the best ice cream, hot dogs and fresh corn. The quality of life is not bad here and it’s not just for the wealthy.

  2. Anita Jesse

    Have you considered working for the Webster Chamber of Commerce? 😉
    Honestly you do a terrific point of selling your town.
    I love some winter–just not built for long winters (which we have here. ) It is the lack of sunshine that gnaws at me late into winter. Snow in April tests my natural optimism. All in all, our little valley feels pretty near ideal to us. I think we like it about as much as you Webster.

    1. oneowner Post author

      If you love the sunshine, Webster is NOT the place for you. However, if you like overcast skies
      with nice even light most of the year, you will love it here.


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