seeing red 43






8 thoughts on “seeing red 43

  1. John Linn

    Cars during that era changed so much year to year and there was really drive to make things exciting and spaceship like… miss those days. Ken, you always capture interesting details.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. I do miss the spaceship look from years ago. I’m not fond of the way most cars look today but I have stopped buying cars because they look good. I do know for a fact that modern cars are much more reliable than any cars on these pages. A friend just finished restoring a 1958 Pontiac station wagon. It looks very nice but you wouldn’t want to drive it everyday.

  2. Anita Jesse

    Great points about progress made in manufacturing cars. The dependability is there now (We recently sold a 1995 Honda Accord and the new owner is using it daily.) Still I miss the beauty in old cars. Love my current car (now ten years old), but no one will ever be lovingly photographing it in years to come. Couldn’t we have our cake and eat it too. Only in your blog, it seems. Unparalleled, technically and pointing us to beauty where we might least expect to find it.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, AJ. I don’t think our old Subaru or (fairly new) Honda Fit will ever be collectable. Still, they get us from point A to point B and I have been impressed with the reliability of both cars. We’re located in what is known as the “rust belt”. For cars it’s especially bad since the roads are heavily salted in the winter. The salt melts the snow and it turns to water, which gets on the cars and dissolves the bodies. A coat of paint is no match for physics.


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