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seeing red 48 – the morgan & unintentional selfie # 8



Several weeks ago I started posting to an Instagram account (oneowner4you) and was wondering if any viewers here have an Instagram account as well.  Being new to Instagram, I still have some mixed feelings about it but I would also like to follow visitors that take the time to view here.  I’d also like to know your opinions on it, too.  I’ll make every effort to try to follow as many as I can if you would let me know what your user name is.  Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

…and now, an unintentional self:



tee shirt chronicles – parts 1 & 2


It’s no secret but a lot of folks don’t know that my favorite article of clothing is a tee shirt.  I have lots of tee shirts.  When I buy tee shirts, I usually get a solid color with no design but with a pocket.  A pocket is perfect for a lens cap or a pack of Marlboros, should I decide to start smoking.   But I have a lot of other shirts with words and pictures that have been given to me on one occasion or another. 


Some folks would think that they can tell a lot about me by looking at these shirts, but they’d be wrong (mostly).  For instance:

. I never attended the Eastman School of Music (even though I have 4 shirts)

. I’ve never been to Chapel Hill, NC,

. I’ve never been to Guatemala.

. I never attended the University of Maryland

. I’ve never worked for NASA

. I’ve never been to La Jolla

. I have lived in Minnesota (Yah, you betcha)

. I have been to Arizona

. I never played for the NY Yankees

. I don’t eat SPAM


If I was forced to pick a favorite, it definitely would be the NASA shirt.  No question. 

I’d like to also point out that I have 14 other tee shirts in various colors without and words or pictures.  Some even have pockets.  They’re kind of boring to look at so I did not include them in this photo essay. 

click any photo below to enter the gallery: