seeing red 48 – the morgan & unintentional selfie # 8



Several weeks ago I started posting to an Instagram account (oneowner4you) and was wondering if any viewers here have an Instagram account as well.  Being new to Instagram, I still have some mixed feelings about it but I would also like to follow visitors that take the time to view here.  I’d also like to know your opinions on it, too.  I’ll make every effort to try to follow as many as I can if you would let me know what your user name is.  Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

…and now, an unintentional self:



20 thoughts on “seeing red 48 – the morgan & unintentional selfie # 8

  1. disperser

    Well, I got an account when it first came out . . . it sat unused for many years . . . earlier this year I figured I could start throwing a few photos up there and connect with people.

    It turns out that many people I know are on it and if I were to look at everything they post, I wouldn’t be doing much else.

    For a while, I thought I would post a photo and when I did I would look at four or five other offerings from people who either subscribed to me because I’m a great guy or because they knew me.

    Even that takes a lot of time.

    Plus, many of the people post family photos and I start to feel like a voyeur.

    But, here’s my major objection . . . they want me to use the phone to post (you need third party apps to do it from the desktop). But their phone app tracks all sorts of stuff, including my contacts. Whenever I post, I then have to manually force the app to stop otherwise I get all sorts of notices about what other people are posting (even when I turn notices off because on every update they turn them back on . . . and they do a lot of updates).

    Overall, I still see it as a plus for anyone who wants to promote their business or keep in touch with friends or doesn’t worry about looking at anything and just use it as a place to post stuff (that’s the way I use facebook – I suppose I could use it to promote the blog . . . if that was important). Also, if you are one of them exciting people who are always on the go, it’s great to keep everyone updated with your exciting activities.

    As for me, I have a bunch of odd and interesting photos I could post up there, but why? And then, when people “like” them, I feel I need to go look at theirs, and there are many more of them than there are of me and they post a LOT more. Plus, I get requests to follow people I don’t even know and while it’s no problem to deny them, it still takes time to read them.

    So, I’ve not posted anything for a while, nor turned on the app in the hope people will just assume I’m dead and forget about me. One day, that will be true.

    . . . nice selfie, by the way.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, E. I don’t use my phone for posting. I’m using a frustrating PC plugin, GRAMBLER, and it works fine for horizontal photos. Vertical photos are forced to be cropped before sending, which is no good. I’ve had no luck with the Lightroom plugin but that would be a nice tool to have. I’m not one of the “exciting people” you refer to, either. Are those the folks that post a shot of every meal they are about to eat? Or the plate the meal was on after it’s been eaten?

  2. Meanderer

    I’ve never used Instagram and have never felt the need to (I don’t ‘do’ FB, Twitter, or any of the other platforms either). I find WordPress is enough for me. Reading Disperser’s very useful comments regarding Instagram has made the likelihood of me using it even less – but I am old and set in my ways!

    Love the selfie. I’m obviously not the only one who takes photos of my own legs and feet! It’s a regular habit of mine 🙂

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Meanderer. This shot was taken by mistake while I was playing with a phone while waiting for a concert to start.
      I started using Instagram because there are some great photos shared there, one of which is NATGEO. I don’t follow a lot of folks so it is little effort on my part to check it each day or two. I’ll stick with it for now.

  3. conspicari

    Great images of the Morgan, I remember as a schoolboy going to the 1968 Earls Court motor show and sitting in the Morgans and Lotus Elans, was so excited to be on the loose in London. We traveled there in my friends Reliant 3 wheeler ! (that’s another story) I quite like Instagram, gives me a chance to catch up with some of my friends photographs as I don’t bother with FB anymore, and also see images from other parts of the world, I use a Lightroom plugin to get my images uploaded, it was really temperamental for a start but seems to be working OK now.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, conspicari. I could not get the Lightroom plugin to work so I use a third party plugin on my PC. I don’t use my phone for such things. I have been enjoying your Instagram posts for a while now.
      This was the first Morgan I’ve had the privilege to photograph. They are very rare in this area. This particular one was in beautiful condition.

  4. ag

    I’m in the same boat as Meanderer re FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and also liking the selfie, particularly the shoelaces. I’d like to think these “accidental” shots are actually a form of artificial intelligence luring our eyes to subjects we’d ordinarily dismiss out of hand 🙂

  5. oneowner Post author

    Thanks, AG. I have a Facebook account only to keep up on friends vacation pix and see what they are eating but I seldom post myself. I like Instagram because it is primarily for images and I like the idea of just looking at a large number photos from others without having to click on any links. I don’t like it because it seems to be designed primarily for phones and I don’t have that relationship with my phone so I’m forced to use it on my PC. And posting from a PC can be exasperating.
    The selfie is a genuine accident when I tripped the camera shutter while I was waiting for a concert to begin. I didn’t know it was shot until the next day.

  6. LensScaper

    A classic British Sports Car – I love ’em. I didn’t realize they had exported them, a rare beast and I see it remains Right hand drive.
    As you know I’m on Instagram like you. I enjoy the fun of using an iPhone and being able to keep family and friends, who really aren’t interested in WordPress, updated on where I’ve been. What I’ve never done is transfer images shot on a camera to the iPhone – just haven’t discovered how to do that yet.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Andy. This is the first Morgan I’ve seen and I was surprised to see it at this show. And it’s in beautiful condition.
      I continue to experiment with Instagram but I don’t have the commitment to it as I do to WordPress. If you get a Dropbox account you can transfer photos to it on your PC/Mac and receive them on the app for the iPhone.

  7. bluebrightly

    Nice shoes! 🙂 I like feet & shoe shots, I have quite a few…and don’t you love a creamy Morgan, it’s just too much!
    I’m on Instagram too, but I find it hard to keep up with it, because I put so much energy here. I try to keep posting in Flickr, too. I feel Instagram is a platform for quick photos, taken and posted, without the fiddling that I do at home for my blog. I know I could post photos from home onto Instagram, but why? It seems more suited to photos I take with my phone and post right away. And that’s why I don’t keep up with it as much. Andy says family & friends are on Instagram – I find some of them are on Facebook, which I dislike, and the friends who are on Instagram are people I know here.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. Thanks for the compliment on the shoes. They’re vegan! And gluten free!!!
      I primarily got involved (quite recently) in Instagram because I wanted to follow postings from Natgeo and earthpix. The photography is amazing (what an overused word). I don’t follow a lot of folks so I don’t spend much time (or effort – 90% of my postings are files I’ve put up on WordPress) on it. I’ll recommend those two contributors to anyone interested in photography, though.


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