phone home…







20 thoughts on “phone home…

    1. disperser

      If by “understanding it” you mean the lyrics, I think they are fairly self-explanatory. Some have ascribed deeper meaning to them, but Lynne said there wasn’t. If you mean waiting for an answer on the phone (no voice mail), maybe not.

      I suppose the song could easily be modernized and changing the title from “Telephone Line” to “Text App” where it could be a one-way conversation. Maybe even “Twitter Thread”.

      Hello, HRU?
      HV U been HIGHT through all lonely(x)4 n8s?

      . . . and so on . . .

  1. ag

    Funny how some of us bloggers have almost simultaneously gotten into posting images with musical annotations. Something in the air or water?

    Does that sculpture have a name, btw? Or any connection to the building — maybe a museum? — in which it hangs? Would be curious to know who the artist is as well.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Alan. This is at the Village Gate, not far from the VSW. It’s a huge old warehouse and manufacturing building that was long abandoned and then given new life. I didn’t notice any plaques with information about the artwork. There is quite a lot of art, too, and I’ll provide some photos later.
      If there is anything in the air here in Webster (Where life is worth living) it’s a stiff winter breeze and frigid temps (7 degrees (F) as I write). A good day to stay home and listen to music.


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