I don’t mind a reasonable amount of trouble. – Sam Spade


Deadbeat.  That is the name that President Trump would give me, according to one of the Trump Knickname Generators.  I’m hereby registering it as my own.  All other deadbeats will have to find another name.


17 thoughts on “deadbeat

  1. E. Brooks

    It’s already been well established that Trump has a very limited 8 year old vocabulary…so you might have to share your “Knickname” with some of the rest of us…after all Trump’s already repurposed several of them. 🙂

    Nice photos!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Earl. You would think that a “really smart” “stable genius” would be able to do better but he might have a lot on his (alleged) mind.

  2. Howard Grill

    I like the juxtaposition of the natural and beautifully colored leaves on asphalt. The Daily Show Trump Knickname Generator gave me Dorky Howard. Big election coming up here in Western PA tomorrow….not in my district though.

  3. Linda Grashoff

    Ken, I’m unable to find a connection between the link you gave and Knicknames, but I had a great time tripping through Don’t Be Accident Porn And Other Hilarious Typos, which showed up in your link. Nice cosmic leaves, by the way.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Linda. It might not surprise you to know that I don’t actually read my own blog even though I do try to make that initial effort. But it does say in the top left corner “a 99% fact free blog!” .

  4. TomDills

    I got Lanky Tom. “Lanky Tom is such a moron, folks. Anyone who doesn’t agree my daughter is sexy as hell, is a loser. I would date her if I could.” Oh well! 🙂


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