seeing red 54



The mid-60s Jaguar XK-E still is a beautiful car after all these years.  I don’t see many V12s around but this one showed up in Webster not long ago.


11 thoughts on “seeing red 54

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Howard. Yellow and blue is my favorite color combination but it was pure luck that this car was out in this field of yellow grass that day. Pure luck!

  1. LensScaper

    One of the classics of all time. Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan drove away in one of these after their wedding recently – exactly the same colour, but it had been modified to be fully Electric.

  2. Paul

    Of course it ended up in Webster! It’s where life is worth living! However, I can say that I’m not feeling the baby blue color – just sayin! 🙂


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