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seeing red 73



More photos from the Webster (Where Life is Worth Living) show. The last post had some information on the making of these photos but it certainly wasn’t complete. One important thing I failed to point out in that post was that I do not strive for any accuracy in any of the photos. In many cases, color accuracy is not important to me. The owners of some of the cars spend a lot of time and money on the finished paint colors on the cars. Some owners go to a great deal of trouble to get accurate paint colors that match the original factory paint. Most of the time they are rewarded for their efforts. In these photos, though, I’m not concerned about color accuracy. The Olympus camera and lens combination usually provides good color but I sometimes find that the photos require a little help to achieve the best look I can get.

At the Museum, I try to achieve the most accurate color of the objects we’re shooting. I use a color check card or gray card to balance the finished photos. Most of the time I have the objects that were shot in the studio with me to double-check color accuracy. I don’t use this method or any other method to get the colors right on the cars. I take lots of liberties with color. I change the TEMP and TINT sliders until I’m pleased with the result. I’m constantly using the HSL sliders all the time, too. I use the little target icon in the HSL panel on almost all the photos and a lot of the time it’s mood dependent.

Having written all of that, I seldom will make any drastic changes to color. I have never changed a blue car to red or green or yellow – yet.

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