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I’ve always had a great admiration for wildlife/bird photographers. The best ones know their subjects and use their skills to capture beautiful images of scenes we would otherwise never see. I paid this bird $5 in seed to pose for me.

seeing gray – my car (and others)


Regular readers of this blog have asked me, time and again, “Why don’t you post photos of your own car?”. After 8 years with this car, I decided to post a photo or two of the 2013 Honda Fit that has served me well over the years. I purchased this car new and, at the time, it was the most luxurious car I’ve ever owned. In addition to all the usual luxury car features (automatic transmission, power steering AND breaks, air conditioning), this car is equipt with MAGIC SEATS! It’s also very fast. I can easily cruise at 45 mph on a steep decline. Sorry – it’s not for sale.

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