17 thoughts on “pure gold

  1. Postcard Cafe

    Pure gold indeed!
    A great theme and a gallery of fine shots.
    I particularly like the hydrant next to the field. Nicely seen, composed and captured.
    The leaded window close up makes for a very pleasing image with its interesting palette of colours.
    Very nice 🙂

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Linda. I wish I could give you a proper name for those reeds. They grow on the south side of the Bay and there is a little park there that gives visitors access. It’s not very well known so it’s nice and peaceful and there are some photo ops to be had.

  2. bluebrightly

    Such an attractive color combination! This is really well done, with the first photo setting the stage and the others following suit, but not slavishly. Great variety, too. What an eye you have, Ken, and what polished technique. Sending a deep bow from the other side of the country!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. When I started in photography I only used B&W film. Then I discovered Kodachrome I was immediately drawn in because the color yellow was so intense. Other films could not match it. I feel the same today and I believe the Nikon (and now the OLY) render the color very well. Now we are lucky that the forsythia is at its peak and they are beautiful this time of year.

      1. bluebrightly

        That’s really interesting about what drew you to Kodachrome. I haven’t thought about that but my photography background is nowhere near as longstanding and serious as yours. One thing I do remember is that in my 20s I was partial to Agfa film because I liked the way it rendered outdoor scenes. The blues & greens looked more natural to me; Kodachrome colors seemed harsh by comparison. I was mostly shooting slides then, just casual stuff.
        As far as major brands go, I’m not crazy about Canon colors but that could be partly because many people who use Canons tend to over-saturate – just a wild guess. Maybe it’s something else, I can’t put my finger on it.
        With Oly color, I notice that sometimes the oranges in outdoor photos seem overly bright & intense. Could it be a Lightroom issue, even though I use camera-matching profiles? Or maybe it’s a local environmental issue that I’m sensitive to. There are lots of odd oranges here, it seems, in things like wood, sticks on the ground, etc. Of course, there’s lots and lots of green so maybe what bothers me is the way the orange cools with all that green. Hmmm, thanks for getting me completely confused. 😉

  3. disperser

    I recognize many of these. I like the poignancy of the couple separated by a signal beacon (see? I can find deep meaning in almost anything).

    Nice collection.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, E. You’re right. I’m recycling some older photos but they are all re-edited. Some of the tools LR has now were not included in older versions.
      Your perception of the couple by the beacon far exceeds my own. Probably because to have that perception you must have a working brain (which I do not possess), at least not after eating tacos.

    2. disperser

      I figured you re-processed them (something I tend to do as well).

      As for the rest, I guess I’ll have to give up tacos . . . which will be easy to do since they’re not something I typically eat.

      1. disperser

        Not tacos . . . could be fish, pasta, chicken, pasta, meat, pasta, salad, pasta, vegetables, pasta, potatoes . . . or maybe some pasta.

        When we do Mexican, it’s a flat tortilla stacked with brown rice, refried beans, some type of meat, avocado, cheese, sour cream, and spicy diced tomatoes, all eaten with a knife and fork (mostly the fork; the knife is just to cut it into bite-sized portions).

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