22 thoughts on “more birds

  1. disperser

    I’m not sure why, but I’ve neglected to take advantage of opportunities to shoot macros of feathers (stuffed birds) . . . I’ll have to remedy that.

    Nice selection; the mural and the signal post photos are my favorites, but that’s not to diss the others.

    . . . I don’t see the bird in the sunset shot, but that could be a matter of magnification.

  2. oneowner Post author

    Thanks, E. There’s a bird in the water somewhere. There is a boat launch at the Bay where some folks come to feed the sea birds. They become very friendly when being fed and I took advantage of that. It allowed
    me to get in pretty close without scaring them off.
    My definition of a bird photo is a photo that has a bird in it, no matter how insignificant. At least for this post anyway.

  3. Postcard Cafe

    A very nice gallery of shots.
    I like your reply (in the response above) regarding your definition of bird photo πŸ˜€πŸ‘ It brings a lot of freedom and scope.
    I have enjoyed all the photographs in the gallery and there are some with really great light. Capturing those moments with the right light is an art.
    If I were to have a top three they would be (in no order) 9, 6 and 5.
    I paused on number 5 and wondered if I might have been inclined to crop to portrait aspect ratio. I like the clouds in your image and it is to my eye the strongest,most striking and memorable of the set. The clouds add a lot of atmosphere so my observation is in no way a criticism. Rather it crossed my mind and thought I’d share that thoughtπŸ€”πŸ™‚
    Great work

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, PC. The 5th photo is one of my favorites, too. I find cropping to be the most difficult challenge in editing. I know there are photographers that refuse to crop and so they “crop in the camera”. I follow the same procedure but I do realize that some photos are just better cropped. Also, there are cases where distracting elements are better cropped out (or edited out). Balance is difficult (especially for me).

      1. Postcard Cafe

        Like you I prefer to achieve the composition I want in camera as I take the shot. Sometimes I’ll take a shot with a view to cropping in order to zoom in and occasionally I’ll experiment to see how an image looks in a different aspect ratio. I also like to look at images by other photographers with a mind to understand why the composition works or sometimes doesn’t work. It’s a bit of learning sometimes seeing something in a shot which I might have composed out but turns out to be the reason it works!
        The 5th image in your set works well for lots of reasons and I found it interesting that it was the one that stayed with me longest.
        Have a great weekend

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Linda. And thanks for the article. I found it very interesting. I like to think that Cornell, with all his problems, left a lasting legacy of beautiful art.
      Initially, I did not like that bird looking “outside” (rather than into) the frame and I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it because of that.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. I don’t often print photos but I’m thinking of getting a color printer that can make a good print. I’ll put this one on the list.

  4. oneowner Post author

    Thanks, John. Yes, I’m sure you know some of these places well. BTW, for some reason, I never get notified of your posts. Could I have fallen off the follow list? If so, how can I get back on.

    1. John Linn

      Well it is a mystery. I do not get notifications of your posts either. 



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    2. John Linn


      I see at least two “Ken”s in my “following” list but there appears no way for me to see the email addresses.

      I would suggest you just go to my page (https://2look.blogspot.com/) and see if “Unfallow” is available. If it is not, just click “Fallow ” and again register. If “Unfallow” is shown then unfollow and re-follow. I hope that makes sense.

      I have not been posting much lately but trying to get back at it.

      I see that your site is listed as a blog I follow but do not get notifications. I guess I need to do as I just suggested and try to do a reset. These systems seem to be messing up!

      [image: image.png]

      Take care, John.


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