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more birds

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Chance favors those in motion. (Fortune cookie wisdom, so it must be true.)

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first edit

The photo above is the first photo edited on the new PC in Lightroom. The old PC was getting a little long in the tooth and could no longer be upgraded to meet today’s photo editing requirements. The new PC is a Dell and seems to be built for photo editing. The first impression is that it’s fast with enough memory and a good graphics card. I also purchased a new monitor to replace the 13-year-old one I’ve been using. I’m still using the keyboard and mouse I’ve had for about 11 years. Here is what my new desk looks like now (with some major cord violations):

Anyone who gets a new PC to replace an older PC knows what an adventure it is. On top of that, migrating Lightroom and its catalog to a new PC is an even greater adventure. I was able to do it all smoothly because the old PC was still working and all the photos are located on separate drives. Also, I had a working Chrombook that I could turn to if I ran into problems (which I did). If anyone needs details, just ask.