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# 8809

# 8809

No, it’s not the 300th post.  It’s my subscriber goal.  I’d like to have 300 subscribers.    I’ll do anything to get subscribers.  I’m even putting tags on this post!!  That’s the level of desperation I’ve sunk to.   And now I’m going to try bribery.  I’m offering to buy each person that  subscribes a free lunch at a restaurant of my choice (if you are foolish wise enough to come to Webster (Where Life is Worth Living), NY).   I was only kidding when I said I didn’t care about the stats.  Really.  So go ahead, subscribe.  I dare ya!  I double dog dare ya!!!

Seriously, the goal for these blogs it isn’t measured in the numbers.  They are slightly more than my personal musings but mostly as a way to connect with other photographers whose help and inspiration I count on. However, I am serious about the free lunch!