amazon overdrive

# 5770

# 5770

Never let it be said that the world’s largest retailer doesn’t have a sense of humor.  Please follow this link and read the reviews.  I’ve ordered 6 of these for myself and 6 more for holiday gifts.  It’s the least I can do.

Here is another link you may enjoy.  I wanted to order the Uranium Ore (for my Flux Capacitor) but it’s not Amazon Prime.

Still awake??? Check this out!!!


30 thoughts on “amazon overdrive

  1. Postcard Cafe

    Great post! Not much I can say about the T Shirt that hasn’t already been said!!! The Blue Men video is brilliant. The plastic pipe contraption is more analogue than the analogue synths it sounds like! I had no idea that the Blue Men did huge venues like that. Where did you find a fallout shelter? Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, 🙂

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, PC. The BMG tours throughout the US and they sell out some big venues. We saw them in Minneapolis a few years ago in a sold out concert. The fallout shelter sign was actually on the side of a truck!

  2. Michele

    I read further down on the Amazon page and found the “Crafting with Cat Hair” book. It will be here on Friday. Alert: Exciting weekend ahead.

  3. Paul Maxim

    Uh-oh. When I just clicked on it Amazon said that there were only 4 left in stock. I wonder how many they started with? Hard to believe there were all that many of them (I mean, ugly is ugly). I’m guessing there were only 20 and you got 12, Ken. Now – since you’ve nearly cornered the market – you can resell them at a neat profit! You’ll be rich!

    1. oneowner Post author

      The estimates say that the value of the tee shirt will take off like Apple stock. Woo hoo!!! Only downside is that my wife won’t let me out of the house with the shirt since my desirability has also skyrocketed.

  4. Melanie Houle

    Hey, K

    I’m staying up too late laughing like a fool at the Wolf Moon reviews. Now I might have to order at least one for Trailer Dave. Also considering the unicorn shirt for M’s next birthday. I’ll tell her it’s all your fault!

    Cheers, Melanie

    1. oneowner Post author

      If you get this for Dave his gratitude will know no bounds. Be prepared to be showered with affection and gifts (including that big screen TV you’ve always wanted). He will never be able to properly repay the gesture so I suggest you make the most of it.
      As for M, she has a way of reciprocating equally. Tread lightly here.

  5. Paul

    I have to have that banana slicer; however, I am concerned of buying bananas that may be curved the wrong way! 😀 I wonder if they make one that curves the other way. Hmmmm.

  6. ehpem

    That video only had about 3500 views when I looked. That means less than 10% of your viewers actually click on your links. Get Emo on it, he should be able to fix that problem.


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