double speed guitar


SNOW!  We had it and we’re gonna get more.  But as I write this the weather is not bad and my collection of snow in the back yard has melted. The photo below was taken with the Samsung WB350F by Mickey.




Post Title Update:  As most of you know by now, Ashley Lilly Scarlett, of Syncopated Eyeball, has guessed correctly the meaning of the last few (and next few) post titles.  Ash’s work can be very subtle but oftentimes raw and primal.  I urge you to check out her work if you haven’t already.  For guessing correctly, Ash wins a free dinner for one at Bill Gray’s, Home of the Worlds Greatest Cheeseburger (as long as I have a coupon).  So, come to Webster (Where Life is Worth Living) for your free cheeseburger, Ash.  But don’t come before MAy 1.  You might not like the weather.  The photo above was taken weeks ago.


5 thoughts on “double speed guitar

  1. Ashley Lily Scarlett

    Haha! I like your description of my work, Ken!
    As for the dinner, thank you, but I’m a vegetarian who is trying to go vegan, and I can’t afford the air fare at the moment. As for the weather – I think I might like it actually; you can always put more clothes on. It’s too hot and humid for me here in Sydney – you can take all your clothes off, sit in front of an electric fan and still be uncomfortable. . .


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