9 thoughts on “seeing red 61

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Howard. I’ve noticed that blue is a rare color for this type of car, especially this bright blue. It’s a fantastic paint job and I know some of them cost many thousands of dollars.

      1. Howard Grill

        I am really amazed at some of the restorations and what can be done. Sometimes I find myself wondering…..at what point is it no longer a restoration and instead a different and new car made from parts? But then again, I have a tendency to think about weird things lol!

  1. Anita Jesse

    I miss those opportunities to admire beautiful paint jobs on handsome cars. Now the streets and roads seem to be a sea of the most boring gray possible. I love your affection for gorgeous paint jobs.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, AJ. I do love these cars and the paint jobs that are so skillfully applied. My own “boring gray” Honda is a drop in that sea you mentioned and although it doesn’t have the good looks and style of these older cars, it does redeem itself in reliability and mileage.


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