seeing red 67




8 thoughts on “seeing red 67

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, E. I don’t often see white cars at the show and this one was somewhat unique in that it had scratches all over it. I tried to minimize them in the shots but this one needs a lot of work. Still, it’s pretty special.

    1. oneowner Post author

      I don’t know where you could buy whitewalls anywore. I remember that there was a catalog store that shipped all of these add-ons and chrome pieces you see on this car. I think it was JC Whitney.
      PS: I just Googled JC Whitney and they’re still around.after 113 years.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. I believe this is a 1950 Ford Coupe. The Coupes seem to be fairly rare. I think they were not really considered family cars because of only two doors.

      1. bluebrightly

        I’m not the aficionado that you are, but I doubt I’ve ever seen one of these – that is, in “recent” years. And back then, I bet you’re right, it wasn’t not sporty enough to appeal to the sports car crowd and not practical enough for families. Did I tell you I have a “Tri-door?” An old Saturn coupe with an extra door behind the driver’s. I don’t keep it up well, unfortunately, but it’s done well by me, I have to say. It’s a 2002, I got it in 2012, and it’s been very reliable.

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