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Though it’s generally believed I don’t make mistakes, I admit to making more than my share in my lifetime.  There are those who would argue that but I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. When you get to a certain age you reflect on your life and, hopefully, have only a few regrets.  Not that I’m at that age mind you,  but I had an extra hour with nothing to do so I did a little reflecting anyway.  I’ll probably regret this but here goes:

I’m told when I was born I was late.  I’ve tried to be reasonably punctual ever since.

When I was in the military I misidentified a UFO on radar as being Martian when clearly it was from another solar system altogether.  However, because of this mistake, I was given a promotion and a substantial increase in pay.  Go figure.

I once bought a Chevrolet Vega.  To compound that mistake, I bought another Chevrolet (a Malibu) 25 years later.  Now, I don’t mean to offend GM or Chevrolet fans who may be reading this, but these two particular cars were the worse cars anybody has ever owned.  I believe the Vegas have all disappeared from the planet since I never see them on the road or at any car shows. They had a habit of turning to rust while still in the showroom.  Malibus are still being manufactured but I haven’t a clue why that is.

I didn’t buy Apple stock in 1980 (@ $22 (US) a share) because I was allergic to the fruit.

I’ll never be over Macho Grande!





26 thoughts on “mistakes ! have made

  1. John

    Nice abstract shot. However, I can out do you on the car: I once owned a ’76 AMC Pacer – worst car ever! It did get well over 100 miles to the gallon however, since it was towed everywhere!

  2. Jimi Jones (@JimiJones)

    Love that sunny water shot, Ken.

    Rest assured, you’ve not cornered the market on mistakes during a lifetime. My list may exced the length of this blog post, so I’ll move on. 🙂

    Vega? Always disliked them but not as much as John’s Pacer. 🙂

  3. chatou11

    Do you still don’t like apple Ken.? . I like this lovely golden one…. We all make mistakes in our life and that makes what we are.. (I think so!!) For me, I am in that age you know lol..

  4. Melinda Green Harvey

    I am shocked – just shocked! by your admission. I refuse to believe any of those things are true.

    I had a Pinto. A 1974 Pinto. It was the biggest piece of junk ever built. When I’d drive it home from college (for people with normal cars, an eight hour trip), it was rare that the car didn’t break down along the way. But at least it didn’t explode.

    My friend Carol had a Vega, which required an infusion of oil every time she put gas in it.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Mel. Please keep in mind that this is a 99% Fact Free blog. However, the story about the UFO is true. I had to keep three 80 lb bags of sand in the trunk to get traction, even when it was dry out. I would have gladly traded the Vega for the Pinto back then. Or a Pacer.

      1. Melinda Green Harvey

        How about a Gremlin? I once took a trip with my friend Alice, in her Gremlin. It was marginally better than traveling in a Pinto but only because the Gremlin didn’t break down.

      2. oneowner Post author

        I loved my Gremlin!!! It was as reliable as any of my 4 (count ’em) Hondas. Four years of ownership and only one problem – a window crank broke. Dealer replaced it free. Can’t beat that. However, it was terrible in the snow.

  5. John

    I had a friend when I was in the military that had a Gremlin. He really liked it until he tried to put brake pads on it. I don’t recall if it was that the car was so bad, or the friend didn’t know what he was doing – but he never got it right. Far as I know that Gremlin is still rolling down a hill in South Carolina somewhere!

  6. LensScaper

    No mistaking the beauty of that shot, Ken. One of my best mistakes, repeated twice over the years, was driving a nail into a floorboard and hitting a water pipe dead centre. It takes real skill to achieve that. Nowadays, according to my wife, on a good day I make a minimum of five mistakes. On a really good day I can reach double figures.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Andy. It’s nice that you have someone handy to keep track for you, relieving you of the burdon of trying to keep an accurate account and possibly making another mistake.

      1. LensScaper

        The reason I keep making mistakes is that I have mistakenly forgotten my last mistake, and therefore re-make it. Maybe if I logged my mistakes in writing I would Improve but that sounds all too much like the ‘hundred lines’ handed out at school for ‘mistakes’ of one variety or another. I was never too keen on that.

  7. john todaro

    Believe it or not, I made the same two mistakes… plus I owned a Ford Pinto much like Melinda’s, so that makes three.

    At any rate, your picture up there is NOT a mistake: very interesting semi-abstraction.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, John. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only person willing to admit to owning a Vega. If I can say anything good about it, it would be that it was not a bad looking car.

      1. oneowner Post author

        I probably have some old, faded slides in a box somewhere. I try to do a little scanning during the winter months so maybe I’ll look for it. It was a red sport coupe.

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