This is probably not the most flattering (to the swan) swan photo ever shot but I did like look of it.



I hope the photo above will redeem me.  You can see another swan (actually the same one) here.


20 thoughts on “3-23-26

  1. John

    I like that first photo, Ken. Call it “Snow Swan”. I’ve been going in a more abstract direction these days myself. But as long as it’s fun!

  2. Howard Grill

    I absolutely love that first one. I don’t know if it the atmosphere, but it has an amazing soft glow that complements the whole feel of the photo. The orange bill contrasts beautifully Really fantastic!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Howard. I did not try to make a black and white version because I liked the orange bill so much. Now that there is some open water close to the shore they spend more time where by the shore. Many folks come to feed them bread, which they seem to love.


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