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If you want to see an angle

you’ve got to find it where it fell …Ozark Mountain Daredevils


9 thoughts on “post title goes here (wool) …

  1. Postcard Cafe

    I like this set a lot. My favourite of the bunch is the image top right in the set of three. Nice composition and palette of colours. Great stuff 🙂 (I also really like the top image – the one on it’s own)
    Reminded me in some ways of the time I was inspired by a wool shop and to the owners great amusement spontaneously dropped in and asked to take some pictures. You images are a good reminder that I enjoyed wool as a subject and should keep an eye out for more wool!
    If you are interested to see the wool shots then follow the link below. There are two identical galleries of 9 images except one set are blurred!
    Thanks and best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, PC. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your Wool Blur gallery! I have found so many interesting things in the yarn shops I’ve visited and have taken many photos, all with permission. I think photographers have to keep an open mind about subjects for photographic purposes, even if they are not interested in their intended use. Inspiration is where you find it.

      1. Postcard Cafe

        I’m pleased you enjoyed the Wool Blur gallery of images. I think you are absolutely right about having an open mind. I take inspiration from anything and everything and my camera has provided me access to places and people I would otherwise never have seen or met.
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

  2. bluebrightly

    Thoroughly enjoyable, like Alan said, though my temps are a bit lower. They look fantastic when I click and see them full size. I like your choices of what to photograph, and the vignetting. I hope you do more.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. I shot these with my phone and I’m impressed with the quality of it. It has a wonderful close focus ability (a little on the slow side) and all the shots are automatically backed up. It’s not going to replace my reg cameras but it’s nice to have in your pocket.


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