computer update pt 2



A computer once beat me at chess but it was no match for me at kick boxing.   Emo Philips

Some readers may remember that a few weeks ago my old HP died after 9 years of service and multiple upgrades.  I had purchased a very nice Lenovo PC online but, after waiting 3 weeks for it to be delivered, I received an email that the PC us no longer available.  I chatted with the same sales rep that helped me purchase the PC but she only offered one other desktop as a substitute.  Although the price was the same, it had only half the dRAM, only 2 USB 3 ports and no card reader installed.  So I finally decided to go back to my original plan of a Dell which was a slightly higher end machine than the Lenovo at a slightly higher price. A nice benefit is that the Dell is a Windows 10 PC whereas the Lenovo was pre-loaded with Windows 8.1.   Anyone familiar with Win 8 knows what a mistake it was for Microsoft and, after trying it myself, decided that I would not load any software until Win 10 could be installed.

So now I am still waiting for the Dell to be delivered and trying to keep up with posts and other bloggers with a netbook and tablet.  This photo was edited on the netbook running an old version (V3) of Lightroom.


17 thoughts on “computer update pt 2

      1. Ashley Lily Scarlett

        Ken, you should have seen my Bella last night. There was a tiny moth near the lamp in my bedroom flittering about and Bella’s eyes and head were folllowing it at great speed, up and down, back and forth, Gotta love cats! 🐾

  1. oneowner Post author

    Aside from the fact that a Mac desktop is quite a bit more expensive (assuming it was tricked out the same as this PC), I have software for the PC that I would have to repurchase, adding more expense. I also have an excellent monitor and additional hard drives for a PC. I work with a Mac at the Museum and Science Center and it works fine, although I hate the mouse and keyboards. Also, I share a printer that, as far as I know, is not Mac compatible. And I really like Windows 10 and prefer it to the Mac OS. There are about 10 Macs at the department I work in and, after seeing them in action for quite a few years, I never bought into the myth that Apple made a better product than some manufactures of PCs or that their OS was better than Windows. So it’s no hardship for me to stay on a PC platform, if that was your concern. I’m happy to stay with Windows.

    1. Anita Jesse

      Thanks for the lovely summation to that “Why” question. I am on my second Dell, by the way, and would buy another when the time comes. I am still on Windows 7 and decided to pass on 8. Now, I am glad I did.

      1. oneowner Post author

        We used a Dell laptop for years and it was one of the most reliable PCs we ever had. My sister has had a Dell for about 6 years without any problems. I hope the new Dell is just as reliable.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Linda. There was a little tree next to this hydrant and the leaves had started to turn and fall. I swear I didn’t place it there.

  2. disperser

    Why my last two computers were custom built. They were meant to last. Unfortunately, my older one, still a powerful computer running XP, was made obsoleted by the software I had the choice of ordering a 64bit machine but saw no need for it, so I had to replace it after seven years.

    This one is now going on 3+ years and still handling multiple graphic files and bloated programs; I usually have Lightroom, Photoshop, and onOne all running, work with multiple files that often top 150MB, a browser with 8-10 tabs, a couple of file browsers, and playing music.

    Good luck with getting your machine soon.

    1. oneowner Post author

      My first choice was a build from Puget but it was more than I wanted to spend but I’m sure it would have more than met my needs. I’m looking forward to the Dell and I hope it can run fast and efficently with the same programs you mentioned open. I’m very optomistic. I hope to have a few more posts on it after it arrives to outline the setup and performance after the wrinkles are ironed out.


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