seeing red 44 – and goodbye




This may be my last post since I’ve just been informed that the IRS has a warrant out for my arrest.  If you don’t hear from me in two days I’d like to say thank you for following.  You’ve been great.

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21 thoughts on “seeing red 44 – and goodbye

  1. disperser

    Ah, that scam again. It’s been making the rounds.

    . . . uh . . . unless, you know, you actually have been remiss in your patriotic duties. In which case, it’s been nice knowing you. Say hi when you get out again.

  2. Lucy & Jack

    No! No! No! don’t quit.  I look forward to your posts.  Get a good lawyer and fight this.Your faithful sister.

    1. oneowner Post author

      As you know, the IRS is very understanding and compassionate. They tell me that, since I have no money, I am, and these are their words, “judgement proof”.

      1. bluebrightly

        I had noticed that a while back, and it was been duly noted – never did I suspect that facts would be lurking here, just fake news…that’s why I was a bit confused at your words. Glad to hear you’re safe, and poor only in gelt, not spirit…

      2. oneowner Post author

        The “fact free” has sometimes put me at a disadvantage. If I had any real news to share no one would believe me (the boy who cried wolf). It’s not much of a burden for me, though. The world is a serious place and there are lots of places you can go on the web for seriousness. I’d rather folks stop by here to get some relief from that seriousness, if only for a few seconds.

  3. Anita Jesse

    And it is such a welcome relief from “factual content. Please stay fact free. By the way, I got the same call. Wonder if we can still stay in touch while we’re in the hoosegow.
    The blue in these images is spectacular. An absolutely perfect recording of a beautiful color. And, I know it’s not because of the camera or the lens.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, AJ. Since the president is firing lawyers left and right I should be able to pick one up cheap. I’ll definitely make sure he looks at your case, too.
      Most of these shots have been taken with the little Oly lately. I’m finding the color accuracy is outstanding and it’s such a joy to shoot. I’m thinking of a macro lens for it!


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