seeing gray – my car (and others)


Regular readers of this blog have asked me, time and again, “Why don’t you post photos of your own car?”. After 8 years with this car, I decided to post a photo or two of the 2013 Honda Fit that has served me well over the years. I purchased this car new and, at the time, it was the most luxurious car I’ve ever owned. In addition to all the usual luxury car features (automatic transmission, power steering AND breaks, air conditioning), this car is equipt with MAGIC SEATS! It’s also very fast. I can easily cruise at 45 mph on a steep decline. Sorry – it’s not for sale.

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20 thoughts on “seeing gray – my car (and others)

  1. disperser

    Difficult to choose, and no offense to the Fit, but I have to go with No. 3 as the most striking.

    As for 45mph . . . how fast will it go heading down the incline?

    p.s. — brakes. I’ve made that typo myself (the brain works in mysterious ways, and often not in concert with fingers) and for a brief moment, I missed the comma and thought you said the Fit has a flatulence issue and that it was a good thing.

    1. oneowner Post author

      Well, I can honestly say (I’ve been listening to too many politicians lately) that there has never been a flatulence issue with the car (as far as I know) since I’ve owned it.
      Another luxury feature I overlooked is that the car is equipt with a radio that receives both AM AND FM frequencies. Why is that a luxury feature you may ask? I’ve had 2 cars without radios in the past. Take my word for it, it’s a luxury feature.

    2. disperser

      I was referencing the use of “breaks” instead of “brakes”.

      As for radios . . . all my cars have had radios, but they were rarely used (as radios). In the old days, I played tapes (!), then CDs, and most recently, podcasts via the built-in Bluetooth function (my 2010 highlander doesn’t have Bluetooth, but we don’t drive it long distances, so, still no radio playing).

      We turned on the radio recently at the Mackinaw Bridge because they give updates on conditions on 560 AM (wind and traffic advisories). Before that, I don’t remember, but it has to be tallied in years.

      1. oneowner Post author

        No doubt the radio is nice to have, even if I seldom use it And you need the radio controls to set the clock. I always have to refer to the manual twice a year to do that.

  2. Tom Dills

    The pinstriping on the bare metal DeSoto is awesome! I’d love to see the whole car in person just to get a feel for the look.

    Not sure you need to go faster than 45 in Webster, so that car should serve you well for many more years! And Magic Seats – wow!

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Tom. I haven’t seen that Dodge since I shot these. It’s almost impossible to get an overall shot since the cars park close together. I just found out that the new Hondas don’t have Magic Seats anymore. Two weeks ago a total stranger asked me if I wanted to sell the car to him. He said they are very much in demand.

  3. bluebrightly

    Well good! The first photo (that’s your car, right?) is excellent. I also like the sliver of “New York” on the license plate of the gold car. The hood ornament after that photo is stylishly superior! I would have liked the old De Soto without the red details, just that weird, rough finish. Very punk or something. 🙂

    1. oneowner Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. That detailing is called Pinstriping in the custom car circuit. It takes a considerable amount of talent to do it well. This may be too much for my taste but I admire the skill. The light hit that license plate just right. I couldn’t have planned it better.

      1. bluebrightly

        No doubt pinstriping is very difficult to execute and I admire the skill, too, but I like the raw look more. So subjective. You certainly have the eye and the skill to see and work with good light!
        You know, Howard’s error had me confused, too. I’d forgotten you have both blogs and I think I’ll just say that’s because you were away too long because it’ couldn’t possibly be me. 😉

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